FNB App Asking for Card Number and PIN

Does the FNB app ask for your Card Number and PIN? It’s a question that a lot of worried people have been asking . FNB is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it’s a major target for fraudsters. If you bank with FNB, you need to be very careful, lest you fall prey to the numerous phishing attacks that are out there. So, what do you do if the FNB app is asking for your card number and PIN? Is it safe to provide this information?

Does the FNB app Ask for Card Number and PIN?

The only time that the FNB app will ask for your card number and PIN is when you are registering for the first time. As part of the process, you will be asked to provide these details if you have them. You can then use the card and PIN to activate your profile at an ATM.

FNB never asks for your card number and PIN

Apart from the situation outlined above, FNB will never ask you to provide your card number and PIN. This applies whether you are transacting on the app or through online banking.

They will also not ask for your card number and PIN via social media or in any other way. But why is that the case?

Well, the major issue here is security. To safeguard their clients, FNB does not ask for these details. It means if somebody is asking for the details, it’s probably not FNB.

Phishing attacks on FNB clients

A while back, FNB issued a warning to it’s clients to be on the lookout for phishing attacks that are launched by criminals looking to gain access to their banking details.

What happens is that criminals create genuine looking mirror websites. When you arrive at the website, it appears that it’s actually the real FNB website.

These criminals send out emails to people claiming that their PINs need to be renewed. When you click on a link that’s in the email, you get sent to the bogus website.

This is where you will be asked to type in your card number and PIN. Reportedly, you will be doing this in order to recover your PIN.

But the moment you enter these details, you will be effectively handing over control of your account to the criminals. They will be able to clone your card and to make transfer.

Never click on links in emails

The FNB app is asking for your card number and PIN, so what do you do? We noted here that you should not fall prey to this. If the FNB website asks you for these details, it’s more than likely a scam.

One way to protect yourself is to make sure that you never click on links that appear in emails that are purportedly from FNB. If you are in doubt, it’s better to ask the bank for direction. Call and ask for clarification regarding the issue that you are having.

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In this article, we looked at the FNB app asking for card number and PIN issue. It was noted that the only time when you will be asked to provide these details will be when you are setting up the FNB app for the first time. Otherwise, they will never ask you for these details.

In the event that you have received a message in your email telling you that you need to do something on your account, never provide your PIN or card number. Thieves use this method to get important information from unwary people that allows them to steal.

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