How to Close FNB Account

Do you wish to find out how to close your FNB account in South Africa? That is something that some people in South Africa find themselves having to do for one reason or the other. Perhaps you no longer need the account. Maybe you have moved to another bank and you wish to say goodbye to Nedbank. It’s always important to properly close your account so you don’t remain with some obligations that may haunt you some time in the future.

How do I cancel my FNB bank account?

The following is how to close your FNB account;

  • You can cancel your account by visiting your nearest FNB branch. Speak to one of the consultants there and they will help you close your account.
  • If you have an Easy account, you can reach out to 080 007 9599 and they will help you cancel your account. Note that this is a tollfree number, so you do not have to worry about not having airtime.
  • Gold customers can cancel via the FNB App’s Secure Chat feature. They can also call 087 575 4653 to close their accounts.
  • If you are a Premier customer, you can also use Secure Chat to cancel your account. Alternatively, you can call FNB on 087 577 7000 or send an email to to close your account.
  • Private customers can cancel by calling their private banker. Alternatively, they can all on 087 575 4727. It’s also possible to send a message to to close your account.

What do I need when closing my account?

That’s how to close your FNB account. You will notice that the method that you use depends on the type of bank account that you have. But what is it that you need when closing your account? According to FNB, you need to have the following;

  • You South African ID
  • Foreign nationals can bring a Passport Document and valid permit
  • Proof of address

You need to settle your accounts before closing

Before you close your account, you need to first make sure that all obligations that you have with FNB are settled. If you have the following accounts, you will need to settle them;

  • Overdraft Facility
  • Fusion Credit Facility
  • All cards linked to your bank account to be closed once balances have been settled
  • Revolving Loan
  • Revolving Facility
  • Temporary Loan
  • Smart Device
  • Personal Loan
  • Student Loan
  • Credit Card
  • Linked Petro Card
  • Home Loan

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In this article, we showed you how to close your FNB account. It was noted that there are some situations where you may find yourself having to close your account. Maybe you have moved to another bank. In that case, it’s crucial that you close all your other accounts to ensure that you do not have obligations hanging over your head.

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