Capitec USSD to Buy Airtime

What is the Capitec USSD to buy airtime? It’s something that you will be wondering about if you are one of the over 20 million South Africans who use this bank. Though there have been rumblings, Capitec remains popular because it offers a range of top notch services. That includes cellphone banking. Using it, you are able to buy airtime from your phone. It doesn’t matter if you have an old feature phone. You can still buy airtime from your bank account. So, what is the Capitec code to buy airtime?

Code to buy airtime from Capitec

The Capitec USSD to buy airtime is *130*3279#. You can use this code even if you do not have credit in your phone. If you still have airtime, you also have the option to use the code *120*3279#. This second code allows you to carry out a wide range of activities aside from buying airtime.

What else can you do on your phone?

That’s the Capitec USSD to buy airtime. As you can see, you have the option to do so even if you have run out of airtime. We also gave you another code in this post that works almost the same but one that requires airtime work. With the second code you can do a lot more. So, what other functions do you get from this code?

  • Buy data
  • Check your Capitec account balance
  • Buy tokens for your electricity meter
  • Retrieve previous electricity tokens
  • Make payments
  • Transfer money
  • Switch on SMS updates
  • Approve Debicheck
  • Manage tap to pay
  • Stop lost cards
  • Get bank statements
  • Send money to anyone who has a South African phone number
  • View the last 5 transactions
  • Do bill payments
  • Buy vouchers
  • Play Lotto


In this article, we showed you the Capitec USSD to buy airtime. It was seen that there are two options in this regard. With the first one, you can buy airtime even if you don’t have credit in your phone.

With the other, you can only buy airtime if you have credit in your phone. This second option is the cellphone banking code. It gives you to access to a wide range of activities. We listed some of them above.

Here is the Universal Capitec Branch Code

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