Absa Cellphone Banking USSD

What is the Absa cellphone banking USSD? It’s something that you will be interested in knowing if you are one of the millions of people who bank with Absa in South Africa. Cellphone banking is probably one of the greatest digital innovations of the current age. It enables people across the country to access their bank accounts from anywhere. That’s done via USSD, meaning you don’t need to have data in your phone for it to work. USSD also works on any type of phone. So, what is the code for Absa cellphone banking?

Code for Absa cellphone banking in South Africa

The Absa cellphone banking USSD is *120*2272#. You can dial this code even if you do not have data or airtime in your phone. The code works on any phone, including on old feature phones that do not have internet functionality.

What can you do with the Absa cellphone banking USSD?

That’s the Absa cellphone banking USSD. We have already noted that this is a very useful invention that has made life for ordinary South Africans easier. Cellphone banking is accessible by anyone in the country. But what can you do with the above USSD code? The following are some of the activities that you can carry out from your phone;

  • Buy airtime and data
  • Send money to people with South African phone numbers.
  • Check the balance in your Absa account.
  • Apply for a loan
  • Transfer money
  • Pay beneficiaries
  • Make bill payments
  • Check your Absa rewards. You can also redeem them here
  • Buy electricity
  • Get mini-statements for your Absa account
  • DebiCheck your debit orders. That eliminates unauthorized debit orders.

Why is cellphone banking so important?

In this post we gave you the USSD for Absa cellphone banking. This section is dedicated to explaining why cellphone banking is so important. It’s something that we have already noted in the previous sections.

Cellphone banking is important because it has democratized banking for millions of people in South Africa. No longer do they need to visit their nearest bank branch to be serviced. They have access to most of their banking needs right on their phones.

With cellphone banking, a person can, as an example, buy airtime. They can also make transfers. It’s also possible to send money to people around the country, even those that do not have bank accounts. All that’s needed are their phone numbers.


In this post we showed you the Absa cellphone banking USSD. It was noted that Absa is a big player on the banking scene in South Africa. The bank has fully embraced digital innovations for the convenience of its customers. One such innovation is cellphone banking. You can use the code given in this post to carry out a wide range of activities.

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