Can I Withdraw Money at Capitec ATM Without my Card

Can I withdraw money a a Capitec ATM without my card? It’s something that you may find yourself asking every now and then. Capitec, the biggest bank in South Africa in terms of subscriber numbers, has thousands of ATMs dotted around the country. You are here because you wish to get cash, but you don’t have your card with you. What do you do in that case? The good news is that there is a solution to this challenge.

How to withdraw money from a Capitec ATM without an bank card

The following is how to withdraw money at a Capitec ATM without your card;

  1. Dial *120*3279# and choose option 9
  2. Accept the Terms
  3. Choose option 1
  4. Select the account from which to send money
  5. Enter amount to be send
  6. Create 4 digit PIN
  7. Type in your Mobile banking PIN
  8. Send the money to your phone
  9. Go to a Capitec ATM and withdraw the money

What happens when you do the above?

That’s how to withdraw money at a Capitec ATM without a bank card. This method can come in handy in the event that you don’t have your ATM card with you. Maybe you left it at home. Or maybe you left it somewhere else.

But what’s the above process? Well, what you are essentially doing is to send money to yourself via Capitec Cash Send. This is a mobile banking offering from Capitec that allows money to be send to people’s numbers.

There are many comparative products being offered by other banks in South Africa. Standard Bank, as an example, has what is referred to as Instant Money. So, the whole idea is that banking can be made available to the masses.

A person’s phone number becomes their bank account. Money is send to this number and the money can be collected from an ATM and from other Capitec Cash Send agents. So, that’s something to keep in mind. You will be sending the money to yourself and you can collect it without needing to have your ATM card on hand.

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This post was dedicated to showing you how to withdraw money at a Capitec ATM without a card. It was noted that you can achieve this goal by sending money to your own phone number via Capitec Send Cash. This is a mobile money offering under which money is send to people’s phone numbers without them needing to open Capitec bank accounts.

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