Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send at Pick n Pay?

Can I withdraw Absa cash send at Pick n Pay? That’s a question that some people have been asking. Absa Cash Send is one of the popular money transfer services that can be found in South Africa. These services have revolutionized banking in the country. Today, it’s possible to send money to anyone in the country, as long as they have a phone number. Most money transfer services allow for the withdrawal of money from different outlets around the country. Is that the case for Absa?

Is Pick n Pay an Absa Cash Send Agent?

At the moment, you cannot withdraw Absa Cash Send at Pick n Pay. Unfortunately, you can only withdraw your cash from an Absa ATM. You will not be able to get it from any other place.

Absa cash send is limited

That is the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa cash send at Pick and Pay. We have previously reached out to Absa and they told us that the only place where you can get your money is at one of their ATMs.

That makes the service rather limited. Absa is not the only one that offers money transfer services of a similar nature. Other banks that offer the services are Standard Bank and Capitec. With Standard Bank, you an actually get your money from Pick n Pay and from other major retail outlets.

Mobile money transfers are meant to make it easy for people to receive money, wherever they may be. It means someone in Matatiele should be able to get money, whether or not there is an Absa ATM nearby.

Absa can insurance number


In this article, we answered the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at Pick n Pay. We noted that this is not something that you should can do. Absa only allows withdrawals from one of their ATMs. If you live far from one, your will have to get in touch with the person sending the money to ensure that they use another service that is friendlier.

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at any ATM?

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