Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send at Any ATM?

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at any ATM? It’s a question that a number of people have been asking. Absa Cash Send is one of the popular money transfer services that can be found in South Africa. It allows Absa customers to send money to anyone in the country as long as they have a phone number. We have previously written on the Absa Cash Send collection points. You are here because you are wondering whether or not you can get your money from any ATM.

Can I get my money from any nearby ATM?

You can only withdraw Absa Cash Send from an Absa ATM. You will not be able to get your money from an ATM belonging to any other South African bank.

What do I need when collecting my money?

That is the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa cash send from any ATM. You can only do so from Absa ATMs. But what do you need when collecting your money?

According to Absa, you need to have the withdrawal code. This has 10 digits and it is delivered to you via SMS after somebody has send you money.

You also need to have the access code, which has 6 digits. With these details, you can go to any Absa ATM nearby to get your cash.

Absa is not the friendliest when it comes cash collection points

We have written extensively on the many mobile money transfer services that can be found in South Africa. One thing that we have noted is that Absa is not the friendliest when it comes to collection points.

With the bank, you can only collect your money from an Absa ATM. That’s unlike other services that are offered by other banks. As an example, you can withdraw from countless outlets including Shoprite, Spurs and Checkers.

The same applies for Capitec Send Cash. You can withdraw your money from Shoprite, Usave, Boxer and other stores across the country. But why is this important?

The whole point of mobile money transfer services is to make banking accessible to people wherever they may be in the country. A person in remote parts of South Africa should not have to travel far to collect their money. So, Absa is at a bit of a disadvantage in this regard.


In this article, we answered the question can I withdraw Absa cash send at any ATM. It was noted that you cannot do so at any ATM in South Africa. You can only get your money from an Absa ATM. We also noted that Absa is lacking in this regard. Other services offered by competitor banks in the country allow for withdrawals to be made at numerous retails outlets throughout the country.

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