African Bank Black Card Minimum Salary

What is the African Bank black card minimum salary requirement? That’s something that many people have been asking about. African Bank is one of the major financial institutions in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products, including credit cards that come with affordable terms for repayment. You are here because you wish to get a Black Credit Card from African Bank. These are usually reserved for the elite who get paid above the average person in the country.

What is the salary requirement for an African Bank Black Credit card?

The African bank black credit card minimum salary requirement is R3000 per month. It’s way cheaper to get this type of credit card from African Bank than from other banks in the country. Some of the banks that are out there demand R50000 per month for you to be able to open this get this type of card.

Benefits of the black card

Those are the African Bank Black card minimum salary requirements. Like all other credit cards, the African Bank black card allows you to buy goods and services on credit. The following are some of the advantages of the African Bank black card;

  1. Access to credit of up to R250000.
  2. Online shopping.
  3. Cellphone and online banking.
  4. Simplified repayments.
  5. You don’t have to wait for the card. It is issued instantly.
  6. You can use the card internationally at places where they accept Visa cards.
  7. Free SMS notifications.
  8. 62 days interest free credit on POS and online purchases.

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In this article, we gave you the minimum salary requirements for those looking to get black credit cards with African Bank. It was noted that this particular bank is one of the most accessible in this regard. Other banks that are out there demand that you be paid a lot of money before you can get a black credit card.

Here is the African Bank call centre number

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