African Bank Credit Card Requirements

What are the African bank credit card requirements? Credit cards are a good way of getting access to low cost credit as and when needed. As an African Bank customer, you have the opportunity to get a credit card. The bank offers different types of credit cards. The types of credit cards that are available at the moment are Gold, Silver, Blue and Platinum credit cards. Each of these has slightly different terms. But what do you need to get an African Bank credit card?

What do I need to get an African Bank credit card?

The following are the African Bank credit card requirements;

  1. You must be over 18.
  2. Have proof of income. This can be your payslip.
  3. Provide a bank statement going back 3 months.

Where can I apply for an African Bank credit card?

Those are the African bank credit card requirements. But where can you apply for an African Bank credit card? Can you do it online?

Yes, you can apply for an African Bank credit card online. The process is fairly simple. You still need to meet the above mentioned requirements, however.

It’s also possible to apply for an African bank credit card in your nearest bank branch. Simply go there and take along the required documentation.

Important tips when using your African bank credit card

Now that we have shown you the African Bank credit card requirements, it’s time to give you some safety tips that should enable you to transact without worry.

Credit cards are great, but they can be a liability if not used carefully. The thing to remember is that you need to be responsible. Just because you have a credit card doesn’t mean you can go around buying the whole world. Otherwise you are going to end up in debt, and that’s something that you need to avoid.


In this article, we showed you the requirements for getting an African Bank credit card. It was noted that there are some documents that you need to make your application. That application can be made inside your bank branch or online.

Credit cards can be beneficial when used in a responsible fashion. That’s something that you need to keep in mind. A lot of people run into trouble because they go on a buying spree after getting their credit cards.

When used correctly, credit cards can actually help you build your credit score. That’s important if you plan on making major purchases. If you have been using your card in a responsible manner, your credit score will increase.

Here is the African bank contact number

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