African Bank Contact Number

What is the African Bank contact number? It’s information that all of the bank’s customers need to always have. African Bank is one of the manor banks in South Africa. They have branches all over the country. African Bank currently has over 1.2 million customers. If you are one of them, a time may come when you need to reach out to the bank for help with one issue or the other. So, what’s the African Bank call centre number?

What is the African Bank call centre number?

The African Bank contact number for general enquiries is 0861 111 011. Alternatively, you can call on 011 207 4500. These numbers are for the African Bank Customer service centre. You can reach them between 7am and 7pm on weekdays and between 8am and 4pm on Saturday. On Sunday, you can call between 8am and 2pm.

Alternative African Bank contact numbers

That’s the African bank contact number. We have noted that the above number is for general queries. However, there are other numbers that you can use for specific queries.

If you wish to report fraud or if you wish to get help on service related issues, the number to use is 0861 123 456. Meanwhile, if you wish to make a new loan application, you can call 0860 333 004.

For insurance applications, the African Bank number to use is 0860 000 975. If you have lost your card, you should reach out to 0861 000 555.

It’s important to always have these numbers

It’s important for African bank customers to always have the bank’s contact number. If you lose your card, as an example, you will want to make sure that it is stopped as soon as is possible to avoid becoming victim to fraud.

The same applies if you have noticed suspicious transactions. You need to report them immediately to limit your loss. So, it’s important to always have the African bank call centre number.

Here are the African Bank credit card requirements


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    i am here by request to make an arrangement to pay the sum of R1000 per month for my wife`s account which was on debt review together with me
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  2. I know people and they are not South Africans but they are using South Africans and I Ds to borrow money from Your Bank they are using people profiles from the friend who also not From SA. African Bank it’s premily to release 2000,00 to them. Please this is very wrong coz the owner of an Id doesn’t know anything . Please save Our country and our people from those are not care about u.

  3. I am a citizen of Lesotho received email in December last year 2022 from African Bank informing me of my inheritance deposited with African Bank that has to be transferred to my bank account in Lesotho, asked to pay for various services one to SARS and several payments through NPSD but I have not received the promised money after many payments and asked to pay more every time I make payment. So I wish to know if there is such a thing as fund transfer transaction processing to Lesotho taking place with African Bank and South African Reserve Bank through National Payment System Department(NPSD)? Kindly respond to my request.

    1. Okay. You were probably scammed. Never respond to messages telling you that a relative you know nothing about left you an inheritance. It’s a con. Better stop talking to the people involved. If they have your money, why would they make you pay to receive it? Why don’t they deduct from what they have and send you the rest?

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