FNB Black Card Minimum Salary

What is the FNB black card minimum salary requirement? FNB is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. Their clients range from people struggling to make the minimum wage to those making tens of thousands per month. You are probably here because you fall into the second bracket. You have decided that it’s now time for you to get their black credit card. This type of card is reserved for high earning South Africans. But how much do you need to earn per month to qualify for a black card at FNB?

Salary requirements for the FNB Private Wealth Credit Card

The FNB black card minimum salary requirement is R1.8 million per year. That’s at least R150000 per month. You will also qualify if you have asserts whose net value is over R15 million.

Who is this card for?

Those are the FNB black card minimum salary requirements. Clearly, the FNB black card is not for everyone. You need to be among South Africa’s top earners in order to qualify. Not many people in the country earn over R150000 per month.

If you earn below this, you may wish to explore options from other banks. There are some banks out there whose minimum salary requirements for black cards are a “reasonable” R50000 per month. So, you may wish to go down this route.

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What are the benefits of an FNB black card?

The FNB Black credit card is not cheap, but it does come with some amazing benefits. The following are some of the benefits that you can expect to get after acquiring your FNB Black Credit card;

  1. A unique, metalic card.
  2. 5 additional cards at no cost.
  3. Airport Lounge access.
  4. Travel insurance across the globe.
  5. Exclusive FNB offers.
  6. A dedicated private advisor.
  7. Online banking.
  8. Ability to create virtual cards.


In this article we showed you the FNB black card minimum salary requirements. It was noted that FNB offers one of the costliest black cards in South Africa. However, you do get a lot of benefits, including your own private financial advisor.

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