FNB Joint Account Requirements

What are the requirements for opening an FNB South Africa joint account? If you are South African, you have probably heard about Stokvels. That’s the most common type of joint account in the country. With this, people get together and they pool their resources towards a common goal. Couples in South African usually also seek to open joint accounts. The idea is to have all your money deposited into one place. But what do you need to open an FNB joint account?

What do you need to open an FNB joint account?

The following are the FNB joint account requirements;

  1. You need to have at least 3 signatories to a joint account.
  2. Each of them will have to bring their South African ID.
  3. Signatories to a joint account are also required to produce proof of residence. This should be no more than 3 months old.
  4. Another requirement is the constitution of your group. This applies in the case of a Stokvel Account.

What types of joint accounts are available at FNB?

Those are the FNB joint account requirements. But what options are available at FNB for those looking to open joint accounts? What types of accounts can you open?

Stokvel account

This is the most common type of joint account that you can open at FNB. Stokvels have been around for a long time. They are very popular among South Africans.

The benefits of opening a Stokevel account with FNB are many. They include a funeral cover for each member. All members also get access to normal banking functions for the account.

That means they can make deposits into the account and they can check the account’s balance. That’s important for the sake of accountability. Members have access to the account through the FNB app and through online and cellphone banking.

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Can spouses open joint accounts?

A lot of people are out here looking to create joint accounts with their spouses. The accounts being sought are those where everyone has equal access to the account.

However, that is not possible in South Africa. What you can do is to have an account where one person is the main account holder, with the other person being a signatory.

The challenge with such an account is that the moment the main account holder dies, funds are frozen in the account. You will need to go through a lot of administrative steps to get access to them.

That can be troublesome in the event that the surviving spouse needs the money that’s in the account to cover the deceased person’s funeral.


In this post, we gave you the FNB joint account requirements. It was noted that Stokvels are the most common type of joint account that can be found out there. It was also noted that it’s not possible for spouses to open a single account with equal access.

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