Capitec Joint Account Requirements

What are the Capitec joint account requirements? That’s a question that we have been coming across all over the internet. It seems a lot of South Africans are looking to create joint accounts. Is that possible on Capitec? Joint accounts are great in that they allow people to pool their savings and to work towards one common goal. So, how do you create a Joint account at Capitec?

What do you need to do to create a joint account at Capitec

Unfortunately, Capitec does not allow people to create joint accounts. What you can do is to apply for a second card to be used by somebody else. Capitec also does not allow for the creation of Stokvel accounts. If you wish to create one, you will have to try another bank such as FNB and Nedbank. Those two banks allow people to create Stokvel accounts.

What are the options?

We have previously showed you how to get an additional Capitec card. That’s one of the options open to those looking for the Capitec joint account requirements.

You can get an additional card for your account. Other people can then use that card to make purchases.

Another options, as we have already noted, is to go to another bank that allows Stokvel accounts.

South Africa does not allow for the creation of joint accounts

One thing to consider is that South Africa does not allow for the creation of joint accounts. Yes, you can have Stokvel accounts with other banks, but you cannot have a joint account between spouses or between other people.

There is usually always one person who is the owner of the account. Then you can have other people being signatories to that account. In the case of Capitec, you can then get another card that can be used by other people.


In this article, we showed you the Capitec joint account requirements. It was noted that Capitec does not allow for the creation of joint accounts.

So, if you need to create a Stokvel or some other type of bank account, you are going to have to look everywhere. In fact, South Africa does not allow you to create joint accounts.

Here is the Capitec call centre number

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