What Does Awaiting Documentation Mean on NSFAS?

What does awaiting documentation mean on NSFAS? It’s a question that a number of students have been asking. NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme is a South African government program that provides financial aid to students at universities and colleges around the country. You are here because you have checked your status and it says awaiting documentation. What does this mean?

Awaiting Documentation NSFAS

If you get the awaiting documentation message when you check your NSFAS status, it means there are documents that are missing, illegible or invalid on your application. You will have to correct this issue for your funding request to be further processed.

Why did I get this message?

As noted above, there could a number of reasons why your documents have not been approved. Perhaps they were not clear enough. Maybe when you made copies, the copies were not done well. Or maybe you provided documents that were not valid.

Some documents such as proof of employment should be no more than 3 months old. If you provide documents that are beyond this, they will be considered invalid. In most instances, awaiting documents means you have not submitted all the required documentation.

This is something that happens a lot when people make NSFAS applications. According to NSFAS, over 57000 applications had missing documents in the 2019 funding cycle. That was from a total of around 400 000 applications. So, this is a problem that is prevalent.

How do you resolve this issue?

You have gotten the awaiting documentation status after checking your NSFAS status. So, what do you do to resolve it?

The good news is that this is an easily resolved issue. All that you need to do is to submit the missing documents.

You can do so via email. We have previously written about the NSFAS missing documents email address. You can also upload the missing documents directly to your account. Log into the NSFAS portal and go to Documents.


In this article, we focused on the meaning of the awaiting documentation status on NSFAS. This is a status that you may get for a number of reasons. We noted that in the majority of cases, people neglect to provide all the required documents. In some instances, the documents are provided but they are not legible. The solution is to submit the required documents.

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