NSFAS Email Address to Send Missing Documents

What is the NSFAS email address to send missing documents? It’s something that a lot of students have been asking about. NSFAS is a program by the South African government that is designed to carter for students from low income households. Each year, hundreds of thousands of applications are made for NSFAS funding. However, a lot of these are submitted with missing documents. According to NSFAS, of the 400 000 applications that were received in 2019, 57 346 had missing documents. The good news is that you can send these documents via email.

NSFAS missing documents email

The NSFAS email address to send missing documents is missingdocuments@nsfas.org.za. When you send your documents via this route, you need to use your ID number as the reference. If you need general help, the email address to use is info@nsfas.org.za.

How else can you submit missing documents?

That is the NSFAS email address for submitting documents. But how else can you submit these documents?

The good news is that you can also submit your missing documents by logging into the NSFAS online portal. Log into your account and go to Documents.

Once there, you can begin the process of uploading your missing documents. When done click on the Submit button.

Where to get NSFAS consent letter


In this post, we gave you the NSFAS email address to send missing documents. It was noted that this is one of the two ways through which missing documents can be submitted. The other is by uploading them into your account on the NSFAS online portal.

One to note is that you should submit the correct phone details when making your application. This is how you will get notification that your money has been released. So, you need to make sure that your phone with the number that you used is always on.

Documents required for NSFAS application

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