NSFAS USSD Code to Check Status

What is the NSFAS USSD code to check the status of your loan application? It’s a question that many students have been asking. The advantage of using USSD is that you can do so from any phone, even ones that do not have internet connection. You don’t need to have a smartphone or a computer to use USSD. So, what is the NSFAS USSD code?


The NSFAS USSD code to check the status of your application is *120*67327#. When you dial this code, you will need to follow the prompts.

What status reports can you expect?

That is the NSFAS USSD code to check your status. This is something that many people anxiously do while waiting for their applications to be approved. So, what can you expect when you dial the above code?


This is the final step when it comes to getting your grant. We started with it because it’s what most people will be looking forward to. If you get the Payments status, it means your application was successful and your money is being send to your account.

Application Submitted

This simply means you application was submitted. It has now been loaded into the NSFAS, and is being processed to see whether it meets all the requirements.

Missing documents

You get this status report if you have not submitted all the required documents. Here are the documents required for a NSFAS application.


They are checking whether or not you are a new or returning applicant.


NSFAS is checking with other services, such as SASSA, to verifying the authenticity of the information that you provided. They also check with Home Affairs.

Funding Eligibility

They check to see whether or not you fall within the spectrum of South Africans who are eligible to get help from NSFAS. Remember that your household income should be no more than R350 000 per year for your to qualify for a grant.

Awaiting Academic Results, Awaiting Registration

They check that you really are enrolled at the University that you say you are enrolled. NSFAS also verifies your academic results.


What is the NSFAS USSD code to check your status? That’s what we focused on in this article. As a student, you will be eager to get your loan. The program is meant to serve underprivileged students around South Africa. You can use a USSD code to check the status of your application.

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