Standard Bank Home Insurance Telephone Number

What is the Standard Bank home insurance telephone number. A number of Standard Bank customers in South Africa have been asking about this. Like all the other banks in the country, Standard Bank offers home insurance services. You are here because you wish to get in touch for one reason or the other. Maybe you wish to make enquiries about their products. Or maybe you are an existing customer seeking help on some issue.

Standard Bank home insurance contact details

The Standard Bank home insurance telephone number is 0860 626 160. This number is available throughout the year, even on public holidays.

What types of home insurance are available at Standard Bank

That’s the Standard bank home insurance contact number. We have already noted that the bank is one of those that offers a wide range of insurance related products in the country. But what types of home insurance products are available at Standard Bank?

Building insurance

You can get Standard Bank building insurance. This type of insurance covers damage to the physical structure of your building. The bank will cover you in the event of theft, fire, storms and other hazards.

Home contents insurance

This is another type of home insurance that is on offer at Standard Bank. With home contents insurance, they will cover damage to your furniture, décor and appliances.

This is an important type of insurance cover to have, particularly in South Africa where people often fall prey to theft and to natural disasters.

What is the Universal Branch code for Standard Bank


In this article, we showed you the Standard Bank home insurance telephone number. It was noted that the bank offers a wide range of insurance products to people across South Africa. You may wish to get in touch to learn more about available products. If you are an existing customer, you may wish to contact them to get an issue resolved.

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