Investec Branch Code

What is the Investec universal branch code? It’s a question that a lot of people have been asking. Investec is one of the leading wealth management companies in South Africa. The company also offers banking and investment services. You are here because you wish to send money to an Investec account and you are looking for the branch code. So, what is it?

Investec universal branch code

The Investec universal branch code is 580 105. You can use this code for any of the Investec bank branches that can be found in South Africa.

What is a branch code?

That is the Investec branch code. But why would you look for this code? It’s a question that may cross your mind at one point or the other.

What are branch codes? A branch code identifies individual bank branches. There are some banks out there that have thousands of branches around the country.

When sending money to an account holder, how do you make sure that money is directed to the correct destination?

This is where branch codes come into play. Each bank branch has a code that’s unique to it. It’s how money gets directed to the .correct place.

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What of Universal branch codes?

Branch codes are good for directing money to the correct branch, but what happens with banks that have thousands of branches. Does it not become a bit confusing for people to try and remember the correct codes for each of them.

This is where universal branch codes come into play. In South Africa, all banks have universal branch codes. This is a single code that can be used when sending money to any branch. With this code, you don’t need to remember codes for individual branches.


In this article, we gave you the Investec universal branch code. It was noted that branch codes are used to identify individual bank branches. The codes are unique to each branch.

That makes it easy for money to be directed to and from the right bank branches. South African banks also have a universal branch code. That’s designed to make it easy for people to send money to any branch.

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