How to Open a Fixed Deposit Account With Investec

Do you wish to learn how to open a fixed deposit account with Investec? Investec is one of the prime destinations for those looking for investment opportunities in South Africa. If you have money that you do not wish to use in the immediate future, putting it into a fixed deposit account makes sense. You earn a lot more interest than you would when keeping your money in a normal Savings account. So, how do you get an Investec fixed term deposit account?

Steps to open an Investec fixed term deposit account

The following is how to open a fixed deposit account with Investec;

  1. Go to the Investec fixed savings page and scroll to Email me or Call me back.
  2. Fill in your details and Investec will get back in touch with you. They will help you open your account.
  3. Another option is to call 0860 932 932 or email for help opening your account.

Available Investec fixed deposit accounts

That’s how to open a fixed depost account with Investec. The bank is one of the most competitive when it comes to opening accounts. It’s not for everyone, and you will be vetted to ensure that you qualify.

You will actually need a minimum R100000 initial deposit in order to open your account. Check out our article on requirements to open an Investec account for more.

The following are the type of Fixed deposit accounts that are currently on offer at Investec;

  • Fixed Term deposit
  • Prime-linked fixed deposit
  • LiquidFixed deposit
  • Tax-free fixed deposit

How do these accounts differ?

There are a number of differences between the above mentioned accounts. One difference is that the LiquidFixed deposit account is the only one that allows withdrawals before the end of the agreed to term of the investment.

With a Fixed deposit account, you can choose a term between 1 month and 5 years. That’s another thing that’s different. With a Prime-linked fixed deposit account, you choose a term starting from 3 months. So, those are some of the things to consider when choosing your investment account.

Benefits a fixed deposit account

This article was dedicated to showing you how to open a fixed deposit account with Investec. But why would you bother open a fixed deposit account?

Fixed term deposit accounts are great for those looking to save some money for a particular term. Maybe you have money that you do not plan to use within the immediate term.

A fixed deposit account is great because it gives you better interest rates that you would get in a normal savings account. That’s the major attraction for fixed deposit accounts.

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