How to Retrieve Absa Cash Send 10-digit Code

Absa is one of the banks in South Africa that offer a mobile money transfer service. The really important thing about this service is that Absa account holders can send money to anyone in the country who has a phone number. The recipient doesn’t need to have a bank account. It’s this feature of mobile money services that has brought inclusivity to the financial sector. You are here because you wish to learn how to retrieve the Absa cash send 10 digit code.

Absa cash send 10 digit code not received

The following is how to retrieve the Absa Cash Send 10-digit code;

  1. Log into the Absa app
  2. Click on the CashSend icon
  3. Go to Unredeemed transactions
  4. Choose the option to resend the withdrawal code
  5. Make sure that the code is being send to the correct number

Recover the Cash Send code via internet banking

In the above steps, we showed you how to recover the Absa Cash Send 10 digit code using the bank’s app. Note that you can also recover the code via online banking. The steps for doing so are fairly similar.

Only the sender can resend the Absa Cash Send code

That is how to retrieve the Absa Cash Send code. A lot of people want to know whether or not the person receiving money is able to retrieve the 10 digit code.

The answer is no. Only the person sending the money can retrieve and resend the code. What you can do as a recipient is to urge them to resend the code from their end.

Why do I need the code?

The Absa Cash Send code is meant to provide added security as people send and receive money. What happens is that when a person sends money via Absa Cash Send, an SMS is automatically send to the receiving number.

The text message contains a 10 digit code that will be needed when it comes to withdrawing the money. You will not be able to get your money without this code. The code is required when you go to an Absa ATM to collect your money.

Absa cellphone banking USSD

Where can I get my money?

All banks in South Africa offer money transfer services in one form or the other. The great thing about these services is that people can collect money from a wide range of places.

That’s not really the case with Absa, which is fairly limited in this regard. With Absa, Cash Send money can only be collected from an Absa ATM.

If you compared that with Old Mutual Cash Send, as an example, you will see how limiting the Absa service is. With Old Mutual, money can be collected from a wide range of retailers.

The whole idea is that these retail stores have a footprint that is unparalleled across the country. Wherever you go, you will be able to find one of the major stores such as Shoprite, Boxer and USave.

By partnering with these stores, money transfer services become rather inclusive. That is not the case with Absa. When sending money, make sure that the person to whom it is being send lives near an Absa ATM. Otherwise they will have to travel far to get their money.


This article showed you how to retrieve or recover an Absa Cash Send code. It was noted that this process can only be done by the person who send the money. The receiver cannot do anything in this regard. Recovery of the code can be done either via internet banking or through the Absa app.

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at any ATM?

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