How to Resend a Tyme Bank SMS Send Money Voucher

Like all the other banks in South Africa, Tyme Bank offers a money transfer service under which people are able to send money to phone numbers. If you are a Tyme Bank customer, you can do this quickly and easily from your phone. The person receiving the money doesn’t need to have a TymeBank account. All that is needed is the phone number. You are here because after sending money this way, the voucher was not received. We will now show you how to resend a Tyme Bank SMS Send Money voucher.

How to resend TymeBank voucher

In order to resend your Tyme Bank Send Money voucher, you need to take the following steps;

  1. Open the Tyme Bank app and go to Transation history. You can also do this on TymeBank mobile banking
  2. Under Transaction history, open your EveryDay account and click on Previous transactions
  3. Open the transaction for which you wish to resend a voucher
  4. You can now resend the voucher

Why was the SMS not delivered?

There could be several reasons why the SMS was not received by the person to whom you send money. Under normal circumstances, the moment you send money to someone, a text is delivered to them.

One reason why that could have failed to happen is if you have entered the wrong phone number. It’s an easy enough mistake to make. What you need to do is to make sure that the number to which you are sending money is the correct one to avoid delays.

If the person to whom you are sending money is in a place where there is limited cellphone network connectivity, that may also cause the SMS bearing the TymeBank voucher number not to be delivered. Usually, the message will be delivered when they move to a place where there is network. But there may be delays.

Delays may also occur if the recipient has a full SMS mailbox. It can happen to any of us, considering the many messages that we received on a daily basis. In that case, what they need to do is to delete some messages and the SendMoney text will be delivered.

At times, the person to whom you send money may accidentally delete the message. This happens a lot of people. We have become so conditioned after receiving spam messages that we automatically delete many of them. If you make a mistake of deleting a Send Money SMS, the steps outlined above can be useful as far as recovering is concerned.

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In this article, we highlighted how to resend a Tyme Bank Send Money voucher. We gave a number of scenarios under which you could end up having to do this. It was noted that resending the voucher is easy and can be done either from the TymeBank app or through online banking.

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