How to Report a Lost or Stolen Mukuru Card

Are you looking for information on how to report a lost or stolen Mukuru card? Mukuru cards have been gaining in popularity around South Africa. They help people manage the process of sending money abroad. They can also be used similar to any other bank card, with money, including salaries, being deposited into accounts linked to the cards. But what do you do in the event that your Mukuru card has been stolen? It’s a common enough occurrence in South Africa.

Steps to report a missing Mukuru card

The following is how to report a lost or stolen Mukuru card;

  1. Call 086 001 8555 immediately to report a lost or stolen card. This number is available during office hours.
  2. You can also WhatsApp Mukuru on the same number (086 001 8555).
  3. Another option involves calling 086 111 5196 to report your lost card. This number is available between 0900hrs and 2300hrs.
  4. It’s also possible to reach out to Mukuru on their social media handles. They are available on Facebook and Twitter. They will be able to help you there.

You can also stop a Mukuru card

That’s how to report a lost or stolen Mukuru card. It’s important to make your report quickly to reduce the potential for loss. Thieves in South Africa are always on the hunt for easy pickings, and you want to protect yourself as soon as possible.

One thing that you can do as part of this protection is to stop your Mukuru card. This is something that you can do via USSD on your phone. Doing this makes it impossible for anyone to use your card. In the event that you later find your card, you can then easily reenable it.

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In this article, we showed you how to report a lost or stolen Mukuru card. People lose their bank cards all the time, and a Mukuru card is essentially a bank card. Should you lose it, you will want to stop it immediately to ensure that it’s not used by anybody else. You will also want to report your loss to Mukuru by calling the provided numbers.

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