How to Change Mukuru Card PIN

Do you wish to find out how to change your Mukuru card PIN? It’s something that a lot of people in South Africa and in other countries have been asking. Mukuru offers a card which allows people to carry out transactions that include sending and receiving money both locally and internationally, swiping at all major retailers, shopping online and much more. If you have a Mukuru card, you may wish to reset your PIN for reasons that are outlined later in this article. So, how do you do it?

Mukuru card PIN change

The following is how to change your Mukuru card PIN;

  1. Open messages on the phone whose number is registered with Mukuru. Send a message containing your passport number to 34246. After a few minutes, you will get a new message containing your new PIN.
  2. Another option is for you to request for a new PIN via email. Take a photo of you holding your ID and send it to along with the last 4 digits on your card. Also send your full name and your phone number. Your PIN will be reset.
  3. You can also reach out to Mukuru on Facebook and on Twitter and they will help reset your PIN.

Why reset a Mukuru card PIN

That’s how to change your Mukuru card PIN. But why would you wish to do this in the first place? There could be any number of reasons for wanting to reset your Mukuru card PIN.

Perhaps you feel that your card has been compromised. Maybe your PIN is known to people who you no longer trust. It mostly has to do with security.


In this post we showed you how to change your Mukuru card PIN. Mukuru is very popular among foreign nationals living and working in South Africa. It’s the primary means of remitting money home for most people.

In this regard, Mukuru is in direct competition with Western Union, World Remit and other money transfer services. The Mukuru card operates similar to other bank cards, and you need to be careful in its use to avoid problems that may arise should it fall into the wrong hands.

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