How to Register for Nedbank Cellphone Banking

Do you wish to find out how to register for Nedbank cellphone banking? The beauty of cellphone banking is that it allows you to use USSD to access various banking functions from your phone without needing airtime or data. On top of that, you get access to your bank account from any type of phone. That includes from those old phones that do not have internet connectivity. But to get all these features, you need to be registered for Nedbank South Africa USSD banking.

Steps to Register for Nedbank USSD banking

The following is how to register for Nedbank cellphone banking;

  1. Have your ATM card and PIN ready and, dial *120*001# on your phone.
  2. Type in 1 to log in.
  3. Choose option 2 to log in using your bank card.
  4. Enter your ID number.
  5. Type in the last 4 digits on your Nedbank card.
  6. Enter your ATM PIN.
  7. Choose the option to Create a new PIN.
  8. Enter your new 5 digit PIN.
  9. You can now log into Cellphone banking using your new PIN.

Why Register for Nedbank cellphone banking?

That’s how to register for Nedbank cellphone banking. But why would you even bother? We have already outlined some of the advantages of cellphone banking. It allows you to do banking on the go and from anywhere in South Africa.

You don’t need to have airtime in order to have have access to your data. Neither to you need to have data in your phone. So, cellphone banking is the way to go. Some people prefer the app, but cellphone banking is the best option for most South Africans.

The following are some of the transactions that you can do from your cellphone;

  • You can buy airtime
  • Buy electricity.
  • Play Lotto
  • View your statements.
  • Transfer money to South African phone numbers.
  • Manage your debit orders.
  • A lot more.


In this article, we showed you how to register Nedbank cellphone banking. It was noted that cellphone banking is the best option for people looking to carry out different transactions from their phones without needing airtime or data.

Check out our article on how to check your Nedbank balance without airtime. To do that, you actually need to be registered for Cellphone banking.

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