How to Get SMS Notifications from African Bank

Do you wish to find out how to get SMS notifications from African Bank? SMS notifications are part of the measures that banks implement to keep their clients’ money secure. As an individual, it’s important for you to get notified whenever certain transactions occur on your account.

Let’s say money has been debited from your account via debit order. You should get notified in case you have not approved the deduction. It’s something that we have previously discussed in our article on how to stop African Bank debit orders.

You can only stop deductions that you get notified about, and SMS alerts are one way through which you can monitor your account. SMS notifications are also important as far as keeping track of your spending is concerned. But how do you activate them on African Bank?

How to enable African Bank SMS alerts

The following is how to get SMS notifications from African Bank;

  1. You can enable notifications by visiting your nearest African Bank branch.
  2. It’s also possible to enable notifications by getting in touch with the bank using their call centre number.
  3. Alternatively, you can get in touch with African Bank on social media to get them to enable SMS notifications on your account.
  4. SMS notifications can also be enabled using the African Bank app.

Will I get notifications on every transaction?

That’s how to set up SMS notifications on African Bank. We noted that it’s important for every one of the bank’s customers to do this. But do you get notified on every transaction? The answer is no. African Bank will only send you notifications on transactions of over R100.

In this regard, you will get an alert when you swipe your card. That’s important for security reason. If it’s not you that has made the transaction, you can quickly stop the card. You may be interested in how to cancel an African Bank credit card.

You will also get notified whenever money is debited from your account. We have already talked about debit orders. Notifications will also come whenever money is deducted from your account for other reasons. The only catch is that the money needs to be over R100 for the notification to be triggered.


In this article, we showed you how to get SMS notifications from African Bank. It was noted that SMS alerts are part of the security measures that are implemented by banks across the world. They enable people to get notified whenever certain transactions take place on their accounts.

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