How to Get an Additional Standard Bank Card

Do you wish to learn how to get an additional Standard Bank card? It’s something that many people have been asking about. Standard Bank boasts of being the biggest bank in South Africa in terms of market capitalization. They currently have over 10 million customers. That puts them far behind Capitec which claims to have 21 million customers. However, Standard Bank has the highest number of branches around the country making them ideal for most people. So, how do you apply for an extra Standard Bank card?

How to apply for an extra Standard Bank card

The following is how to get an additional Standard Bank card;

  • If you want to get another Standard Bank card, you can do so by calling 0860 000 0000.
  • Another option is for you to visit your nearest branch to apply for one.

How much does it cost to get another card?

That’s how to get an additional Standard Bank card. But how much does it cost to get one? It’s something that you will be wondering about.

According to Standard Bank, the cost varies. It all depends on the type of card that you have. Standard Bank has a wide range of card types designed to suit people’s differing needs.

Why would you need another card?

We have previously written on how to apply for a Standard Bank card. But why would you apply for another card? Is it safe to do so?

Most people seek to get other cards because they want to have them be used by someone close to them. Perhaps you also want your wife or husband to be able to use the other card.

Or maybe you have a child at a college and you wish to have them be able to access the funds that are in your account for their own use. This is where having another card comes in handy.

Getting additional cards has it’s pros and cons, however.


In this post, we showed you how to apply for an additional Standard Bank card. It was noted that you may want to do this to give a person close to you access to funds in your account. You can apply for another card over the phone or by visiting a nearby Standard Bank branch.

What does a Standard Bank account start with?

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