How do I Redeem my Standard Bank Instant Money Voucher?

Have you been asking yourself, “how do I redeem my Standard Bank Instant Money voucher?” We have written a lot about Instant Money on this site. It’s a digital money transfer service that allows Standard Bank customers to send money to anyone in South Africa who has a phone number. The service is great in that it allows everyone in the country to be banked, wherever they may be. You are here because you have received an instant money voucher. How do you collect your money?

How to Redeem Standard Bank Instant Money

The following is how to redeem your Standard Bank instant money voucher;

  • You can collect your Standard Bank instant money at one of the participating retailers, such as Spar and Checkers. When you go there, make sure that you have your voucher and 4 digit PIN. You get the 4 digit PIN from the person who sent you the money. Give the voucher and PIN to a cashier and they will give you your money.
  • It’s also possible to collect your money at a nearby Standard Bank ATM. Note that you cannot do so at an ATM belonging to another bank. One possible limitation is that some ATMS do not offer R20 notes. So, if your have received R120 as an example, you may not be able to get all the money at the ATM and you will have to go to a retail outlet. Ask security at the ATM whether it dispenses R20 notes.

Where to collect your money

That is the answer for those who have been asking “how do I redeem my Standard Bank Instant money voucher?” The good news is that you can collect your money at a wide range of places.

Standard Bank has partnered with many of the major retailers in South Africa to ensure that people all over the country can receive their money.

There is usually no need for you to travel long distance to get your money. If you are wondering where you can collect your money, here is a full list of Instant Money participating retailers.


In this article, we asked answered those who have been asking the question “how do I redeem my Standard Bank Instant money voucher?” We showed that there are plenty of places where you can go to collect your money. That includes at Standard Bank ATMs and at participating retailers.

The great thing about Instant Money is that it makes it possible for people around the country to send and receive money. It means even those in remote areas can receive money without needing to have Standard Bank accounts.

By comparison, Absa Cash send, which is another money transfer service, only allows for withdrawals at Absa branches and ATMs. That can be rather limiting. Absa send cash cannot be withdrawn from Spar, as an example, while you can get Standard Bank Instant Money there.

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