How to Claim Lotto Winnings from Tyme Bank

Do you wish to learn how to claim Lotto winnings from Tyme Bank? That’s something that a lot of people have been wondering about. Tyme Bank is one of the banks in South Africa that allow their customers to play Lotto on the app and through USSD. That’s simpler than having to queue up to buy a ticket. But what happens if you win after playing on the TymeBank app? How do you get your money?

Steps to get Lotto money from TymeBank

The following is how to claim Lotto winnings from Tyme Bank;

  1. Winnings that are below R250000 are deposited into your TymeBank account. You don’t have to do anything. The money is automatically deposited into your account. This happens no more than 3 days after the draw has been conducted.
  2. Prices that are over R250000 have be claimed from the Ithuba offices. You will get notification that you have won and you will be advised on what you need to do to go and claim your money.

What should I take to the Ithuba offices?

That’s how to claim Lotto winnings from TymeBank. We showed you in the above discussion that there are two ways through which to receive you winnings. We also noted that if you win money that is over R250000, you will have to go to your nearest Ithuba offices to get it. But what do you take there?

  • Your South African ID.
  • Details of your bank account.
  • The serial number from the winning ticket.


This post was dedicated to showing you how to claim Lotto winnings from Tyme Bank. We noted that Tyme Bank, like all the other major banks in South Africa, allows people to play Lotto on the app or via USSD.

If you have played this way and if you have won, there are a couple of ways through which to claim your money. Your money is either deposited into your account or you will have to go to the Ithuba offices to get it. It depends on how much you will have won.

Learn how to play Lotto on Tyme Bank


  1. Hi team I’ve played lotto on the 10 th of June and only realize now when I’m checking my app history I never got my money so how can I claim

    1. How much did you win? For most people the figures are so insignificant that they may not notice that money has been deposited. In any case,reach out directly to Tyme Bank for help.

  2. I have noticed that Tymebank App does not show the Lotto numbers that I have played on that App. How then do I get proof that I played particular numbers on that App?

      1. Seems like playing on the app is difficult as far as getting your money back is concerned, whatever the bank that you may be using. There are a lot of complaints also about Capitec. Seems the systems are not up to the task

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