How to Claim Capitec Funeral Cover

Times of bereavement are hard for families. That’s particularly the case in South Africa, where everything has been turned into a ceremony. The cost of burying loved ones tends to be so high that people are left reeling at the end of the event. That is why it’s wise to take out funeral cover. Capitec, the biggest bank in South Africa by customer numbers, offers funeral insurance to its clients. In this post, we will focus on how to claim Capitec funeral cover.

Capitec funeral cover claims

There are several ways through which you can claim Capitec funeral insurance;

  • Probably the best option is to visit a nearby Capitec branch. They will assist you there. When you visit, you will be required to bring along necessary documents as outlined below. Claiming in person is faster because you can have everything processed there and then.
  • Another option is to call the Capitec customer care number. This number is available 24 hours a day. They will tell you what to do to proceed with your claim.
  • It’s also possible to make your claim via email. Send an email to You will need to attach the required documents for your claim to be processed quickly.
  • You can also use the Capitec WhatsApp number to get help. Note that this is a self service number. Save the number on your phone and send “Hello.” Click on Main Menu and then on Menu. Choose Insure and proceed to the next steps.

What documents do you need when claiming?

That’s how to claim Capitec funeral cover. As you have seen, there are a number of ways of doing so. That’s essential. We have already noted that times of bereavement are hard for families. The last thing that you need is to be given the run-around while trying to make your claim.

One thing that can save time and reduce your stress levels is to ensure that you have all the needed documents with you when you make your claim. That way, the claim will not be delayed.

Otherwise, Capitec will ask you to submit additional information and you will receive the money that you desperately need late. The following are some of the documents that you need when making a funeral cover claim at Capitec;

  • Identity documents belonging to the person who is making the claim.
  • Identity documents for the person who is the beneficiary of the policy. This could be the person making the claim or somebody else. They will also need to provide their banking details so the money is quickly deposited into their account.
  • The death certificate for the deceased person
  • Either BI-1663/DHA – 1663 form or BI-1680/DHA 1680 form.
  • In cases of deaths in accident, you will need to provide a report from the SAPS detailing how the person passed away.

It’s important to have funeral cover

Those are the steps to claim Capitec funeral insurance cover. We have already noted the need for everyone to get insurance cover. The world in which we live can be tough in terms of expectations.

As an individual, it’s important that you take measures not to burden those around you when you pass on. Having funeral insurance is a good way of protecting them. You can also take out other forms of insurance such as life insurance to ensure that they get by not only when it comes to burying you, but also in terms of living their lives afterwards.

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