Capitec Customer Care WhatsApp Number

Capitec has millions of customers across South Africa. At the time of writing this post, the number stood at over 21 million, and a lot people people continued to join the bank. Capitec is extremely popular, which can make things a bit tricky when it come to getting help. One way through which you can get your issues sorted out is through the bank’s WhatsApp. So, what is the Capitec customer care WhatsApp number?

Does Capitec have a WhatsApp number and what is it?

The Capitec customer care WhatsApp number is 067 418 9565. You need to save this number on your phone. Once you have done that, send the message “Hello.” Choose the option that corresponds to your issue and proceed with the prompts.

Is this a live chat number?

When most people reach out to Capitec, they wish to talk to a real person. It’s the same thing for most people with any other business. A lot of businesses have been implementing live chat facilities on different platforms.

Talking to a real person is great, because you can get your issues solved as quickly as possible. Speaking to a computer tends to be tiresome, and people try to avoid this as much as is possible. So, is the Capitec WhatsApp number a live chat number?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The number is for the bank’s self service platform. You can interact with the bank to have your issues resolved. That’s not the same as talking to a real person, which can be a put off for some people.

What can you do on the platform?

The Capitec customer care WhatsApp number allows you to do the following;

  • Explore Capitec Solutions including Business banking, Connect, Global One, Insurance, Save, App, Credit
  • Become a Client
  • View FAQs
  • Report Fraud

There are many ways of reaching out

We have previously talked about the Capitec customer care number. You can use that to get in touch if you wish to talk to a real person.

There are many other ways through which to get in touch with Capitec. You can also use the bank’s Twitter to send a message. Another option is to send a message on Facebook.

Capitec is fairly highly responsive on these platforms. Another option is to visit a nearby Capitec bank branch. This is probably the best option as far as getting help is concerned.

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