How to Approve Debicheck on Standard Bank App

Do you wish to learn how to approve Debicheck on the Standard Bank app? It’s something that you will want to do as a way of protecting yourself from fraud. Across South Africa, a lot of people have been complaining about mysterious debit orders being initiated on their accounts. To solve this, banks are now imposing Debichecks to ensure that only those debit orders that you approve come through.

Steps to accept Debicheck mandate on Standard Bank

The following is how to approve Debicheck on the Standard Bank app;

  1. Log into the Standard Bank mobile banking app
  2. You will immediately see a message telling you that you have a debit order that needs to be approved
  3. Click on the Review link in the message
  4. Click on View Request
  5. Choose to accept the mandate
  6. Confirm that you wish to accept the mandate
  7. You will get a one time PIN on the phone that’s registered with Standard Bank
  8. Enter the PIN
  9. You have now successfully approved your Debicheck mandate

How does it work?

That’s how to approve a Debicheck mandate on the Standard Bank app. We noted in the introduction that this is a useful facility to prevent fraudulent debit orders. But how does it all work?

Let’s say you wish to subscribe to a service. One of the payment options that you may get is through debit orders. These are rather convenient. You don’t have to remember to make payments at the end of each month.

Instead, money is automatically deducted from your account. When you sign up for a debit order with a service provider, you provide them with your banking details. They will then launch a debit order request with your bank.

When this happens, your bank immediately sends you an SMS asking for your approval of a debit order request. That’s done for security reasons as we have already noted. If you have not initiated a debit order, then you should not approve it. If the details are wrong, don’t approve.

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In this post, we showed you how to approve a Debicheck mandate on Standard Bank in South Africa. It was noted that Debichecks are a feature that South African banks agreed to in order to reduce instances of debit order fraud.

Before a Debit Order is instituted, you will need to approve it. You can do it on the Standard Bank app or through online banking. Approval will also be sought should there be changes in the Debit order, including though an increase in the mandate.

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