Flexicare Contact Number

What is the Flexicare contact number? Flexicare, which is part of Discovery, is one of the most popular medical aid companies operating in South Africa. As an individual or as a family, getting medical aid is absolutely important. It’s what allows you to get through in the event that a family member falls sick. You are here either because you are a current Flexicare member, or because you are a prospective customer. So, what are the company’s contact details?

Flexicare medical aid contact number

The Flexicare contact number is 0861 427 580. You can also get help by dialing 011 710 0462 and following the voice prompts. Note that the second number is the one that you should use if you wish to get in touch about sales related issues. Both the numbers can be used for after sales services such as claims, policy amendments and general enquiries.

Alternative contact details

That’s the Flexicare contact number. In the above section, we covered numbers for both sales and after-sales services. But, are there other ways through which you can reach out to Flexicare?

The great thing is that you can also contact them on email addresses support@flexicare.co.za for general enquiries. For claim related issues, you can get in touch with them on claims@flexicare.co.za.

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Medical aid is something that every South African needs to have in case of emergency. You don’t want to be left high and dry after running out of money in the event of sickness. Sometimes as Africans we put more emphasis on burial policies, but really, it’s important to have good medical aid.

Flexicare, which is powered by Discovery, is one of the best options in this regard. It’s the reason why it is so popular. In this article, we showed you the Flexicare medical aid contact number. We also gave you alternative ways through which you can get in touch with them.

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