FNB USSD to Buy Airtime

What is the FNB USSD to buy airtime? That’s a question that a number of people have been asking. FNB is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. They have millions of customers across the country. One of the features that make FNB appealing to people is cellphone banking. With this, you get access to your bank account from any type of phone, including the old feature phones. One of the tasks that you can perform using cellphone banking is to buy airtime. So, what is the FNB code to buy airtime?

FNB code to buy airtime

The FNB USSD too buy airtime is *120*277#. You can dial this code from any type of phone. When you do so, follow the prompts to buy airtime for your phone.

How to buy airtime

That’s the FNB USSD to buy airtime. But how do you make your purchase? The following is how to do it

  1. Dial the code given above
  2. Go to Prepaid
  3. Choose Airtime. You can also buy data and electricity here
  4. For airtime or data, select Me or Enter Number buy for another phone
  5. Select the amount you wish to buy for
  6. Choose Confirm
  7. Data will now be credited into your phone

Can you buy airtime for other people?

With the above method, you can definitely buy airtime for yourself. But can you do the same for other people’s phones?

The answer is yes, you can use the code given above to buy airtime for other people. It means you can send money to friends and colleagues across the country.

Electricity token not received FNB


That’s the FNB USSD code to buy airtime? We noted that FNB is one of the banks that are popular in South Africa.

It offers a wide range of tools that are meant to simplify life for it’s clients. One such feature is cellphone banking.

With it, you can do a wide range of things from your phone, including buying airtime. You can also buy other things such as electricity.

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