How to Activate Online Shopping with Capitec App

Are you looking for information on how to activate online shopping with the Capitec app? Capitec, the country’s biggest bank by customer numbers, allows people to use their cards to buy online. We have previously written on the online stores that ship to South Africa. You need a bank card that can buy online to be able to make your purchases. So, how do you activate online purchases on Capitec?

Steps to activate online purchases on Capitec

The following is how to activate online shopping with the Capitec app;

  1. Log into the Capitec app
  2. Click on Cards at the bottom of the screen
  3. Choose the card for which you wish to switch on online purchases
  4. Click on Update Permanent Limits
  5. You can now set limits for Cash withdrawals, Card machine purchases and Online/telephone/mail purchases.
  6. Click on Update.
  7. If you would like to make a larger once off payment, you can increase the temporary limit. At step 4, click on Set temporary limits. Note that the expiration date for temporary limits is 3 days.

Where can you make online purchases in South Africa?

That’s how to activate online shopping with the Capitec app. Note that most Capitec cards, including credit cards, will automatically allow you to shop online.

If you have been trying to buy something and if the purchase was declined, it could be because your limits are too low. In that case, the method that was used above will enable you to increase your limit.

You may be wondering where you can make online purchases in South Africa. There are a number of such places. You can buy from Takealot, as an example. It’s probably the biggest online retailer in the country.

Pretty soon, in 2024, Amazon will be launching in South Africa. In any case, you can also buy internationally from Amazon or eBay.


In this post, we showed you how to activate online shopping with the Capitec app. It was noted that most Capitec cards allow you to shop online. If the card is a Mastercard, then it will work.

What you need to do is to increase your online shopping limits on the Capitec app. Once you have done that, you should be able to shop up to the limit.

These limits are there for security. Online shopping is fairly secure, but some people encounter problems every now and again. These issues are mostly because they have not been careful and they have handed their details to criminals.

In any case, with limits, you can be sure that the amount of potential hard is restricted. It means an unauthorized person will only be able to buy up to the Limits. From there, they will be blocked.

Increase limit on Capitec card

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