How to Activate FNB inContact

One of the security measures that FNB in South Africa has taken to protect their customers is inContact. This is a service that provides SMS and email notifications to people whenever transactions occur on their accounts. As a customer, it means you will have a way of knowing instantly should an unauthorized tractions occur. However, for this work, to work, you need to have the service turned on. In this article, we will show you how to activate FNB inContact.

How do I switch on FNB inContact?

The following is how to activate FNB inContact;

  1. If you are already registered for FNB online Banking, you can activate inContact by logging in and going to Online Banking Settings. Choose Banking. Now click on the inContact change button. You can now set the system up to receive message at convenient times.
  2. Those that have not registered for online banking will need to do so first. This can be done on the FNB South Africa website. Click on the Register button and use your card and ATM details to register. Once the registration process is done, you can follow the steps in item 1 to switch on inContact.

What options are available?

As part of the process of turning on inContact, you will need to pick from a number of options that are designed to further secure your account.

The choices that are available include when to receive text messages. You can opt to do so 24 hours a day or during the day.

You can also choose to get SMS messages or email messages. You can also sign up to get both.

Another option is to get notifications for transactions that are only over R100. That would come in handy if you do not wish to be swamped with messages.

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A final word

In this article, we showed you how to activate FNB inContact. Banking in South Africa is robust. However, there are still many challenges, particularly relating to security. Each day, a lot of people lose their money to fraud who employ various schemes.

That is the reason why most banks have come up with ways through which to counter these instances of fraud. One such way is the use of SMS and email notifications whenever transactions occur on an account.

The good thing about FNB is that this service, which is referred to as inContact, is free. With most other banks, you need to pay when you receive SMS notifications. In order to activate the service, you can take the steps that are outlined above.

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