How to Activate Capitec Bank Card for International Use

Do you wish to find out how to activate your Capitec Bank card for international use? The Capitec debit or credit card is called the Global One card. You are here because you have planned a journey to a regional or global destination. You are now wondering what you need to do to activate your card so it can be used wherever you are going. Before going abroad, you need to notify Capitec. That way, they won’t flag your card when you use it while travelling. So, how do you inform Capitec that you wish to use your credit or debit card while travelling?

Activate the Capitec Global One card for international travel

The following is how to activate your Capitec card for international use;

  1. Call Capitec on 021 941 1377 and tell them that you wish to travel. This number is available 24hrs a day.
  2. You can also inform them on their WhatsApp number 067 418 9565. This number is available Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.
  3. If you are already outside the country, send an email to to get them to activate your card for international use. Include your account number and contact details on the e-mail. You can also call Capitec at +27 21 941 1377 from wherever you are.

Why inform Capitec?

We have already pointed out that before travelling, you need to inform Capitec that you will be visiting such and such a country. But why do you need to do so?

According to Capitec, this is necessary because they need to check and update your daily card limits for international usage, inform you of Exchange Control requirements and ensure that all your personal data is still relevant.

Where can you use your Capitec card?

So, will your Capitec card work at any outlet in any country? That’s a question for which a lot of people have been looking for answers.

The good news is that your card will work at any outlet where there is a MasterCard logo. The majority of POS points in most countries accept MasterCard, so you shouldn’t have problems using your card while in a foreign country.

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There are conversion fees

That’s how to activate the Capitec Global One card for international use. The good thing is that the Capitec credit card does not charge conversion fees.

What usually happens when you use a South African card internationally is that there is a fee for converting your money from Rands to whatever the currency in the country where you are visiting.

But how much is this fee? Well, it’s usually 2.75% or 3%. Another unique this is that Capitec clients get one card. This card covers transactional and credit card accounts.


In this post, we showed you how to activate your Capitec Global One card for international use. It was noted that you need to do this before travelling to ensure that any transactions that you carry out while abroad are not flagged.

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  1. The Capitec phone number does NOT work
    Capitec is NOT on Whatapp on the number shown either
    Kindly check your facts!!!!

    1. Hi. Hmmm, maybe you are entering the number wrong on your phone. We just added it to our WhatsApp and its working. If you are unable to call, also try 0860 10 2043. That’s their 24 hour call centre number.

  2. I need to active my card I am currently in Saudi Arabia International Activation is required for use in Saudi, Went and made use of What’s Up Chat, no satisfaction very frustrating. Sent email to support team, Capitec said to respond in two days, I need to purchase food am I going to wait for Capitec to activate my card while I sit a starve to death, unacceptable. Same problem I have in Nigeria days with out using my card..

  3. Can anybody tell me whow to travel with my capitac card Lady at bank said not to worry it work in any country that cant be right what now

  4. Can any body help I want to travel Lady said no need to wory Can use card any where but I know that not right what must i do

    1. Hmmm, maybe you can reach out to somebody else. Make another call or get them on Twitter or Facebook. Just to verify that that particular bit of information is correct

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