FNB Non Resident Banking Contact Number

Are you looking for the FNB non resident banking contact number? FNB has a unique offering that allows South Africans who have moved to other countries as well as foreign nationals to open accounts back home. That’s relevant considering that a lot of people have been moving to other countries. As an example, in 2020, over 915000 South Africans left the country. Most ended up in the UK. These people can open either a non-resident investment account or a non-resident cheque account. So, what are the FNB non-resident account contact details?

FNB non-resident account contact details

The FNB non-resident account contact number is +27 11 352 5025. That’s the number to dial from a country other than South Africa. You can also send a fax to +27 (0) 86 546 0000. Another option is to send an email to nonres@fnb.co.za.

What other ways can you reach out?

That’s the FNB non resident account contact number. We noted that this service is for people outside South Africa. They can open a non-resident cheque account or a non-resident investment account.

But, are there other ways through which you can contact FNB if you have issues that need to be answered about non resident accounts? You can reach out to FNB on their social media platforms.

They can be found in Twitter and on Facebook. You will discover that they are fairly responsive on these platforms. If you send a query, they will answer within a short space of time. And there is the advantage that you get to retain a copy of the conversation. That can be handy in future.

What do you get?

So far, we have been focused on the non-resident account contact details for FNB. But what are the advantages of opening such an account? What do you get? The non-resident cheque account offers the following;

  • You can use your account whether you are in South Africa or abroad
  • You can set up debit orders
  • The account can be used for local and international transfers

How long does money stay in FNB eWallet?


In this article, we gave you the FNB non resident contact number. It was noted that the non-resident account is mostly for South Africans who have permanently moved to other countries. A lot of people have been doing this over the past few years, with Canada, Australia and the US being favorite destinations. It’s also for foreign nationals looking to open accounts in South Africa.

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