FNB Life Insurance Contact Number

What is the FNB life insurance contact number? This is something that you may be wondering about if you are a prospective or current customer. FNB is a major bank in the country. It’s not surprising that the bank offers a wide range of insurance services, including life insurance. Life insurance is crucial, though most South Africans tend to ignore it. What will happen to your family when you pass? It’s important to leave them something so they are not left high and dry. So, what are the contact details for FNB life insurance?

FNB life insurance contact details

The FNB life insurance contact number is 087 736 7774. If you are calling from outside South Africa, you will need to first dial +27 11 371 3711. When prompted, you will then need to dial the 087 number given above.

When can I call?

That’s the FNB life insurance contact number. But when should you call? Can you do so at any time of the day? Is the number available on weekends? The following are the FNB life insurance contact times;

  • Monday to Friday: 08:15 – 16:30
  • Weekends: Unavailable

Alternative contacts

In the above sections, we highlighted the contact details for FNB life insurance. But are there other ways through which you can get in touch?

The good news is that there are many such ways. As an example, you can reach out on social media. FNB is available on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact them there.

We have previously written on the bank’s 24hr customer care number. You can also use that to get in touch in case the above number is not working.


This article was dedicated to showing you the FNB life insurance contact number. It was noted that the number is only available on weekdays between 0815 and 1630 hours.

We also gave you alternative ways through which you can reach out to FNB in the event that the life insurance customer care number does not work.

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