What Does Outsurance Home Insurance Cover?

What does Outsurance Home Insurance cover? That’s something that a lot of people have been enquiring about. Perhaps you are a potential customer looking to get insured with the company. Or maybe you are an existing customer looking for clarification. Whatever the case, Outsurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa. They offer all types of insurance, including Home insurance cover. So, what does home insurance cover?

What’s covered by Outsurance Home Insurance?

There are different types of Outsurance home insurance products. What you get as cover depends on the type of insurance that you have chosen. The following are the types of home insurance that you can get;

  • Buildings insurance: which covers different types of damage to your home. That’s includes fire damage, explosions, acts of nature and other damage to the structure of your building.
  • Home contents insurance: This covers the items that are in your home. It does not cover the building itself. Things that are covered include your furniture and electrical appliances. Coverage will be against theft, power surges, lightning damage, flood damage and hail damage.

Which option should you choose?

That’s the answer to the question, what does Outsurance home insurance cover? You have two options. You can get cover for the structure of your building, or you can get coverage for the contents that are in your home. Alternatively, you can choose to get both buildings and home contents insurance.

The choice that you make depends on what you wish to have covered. If you are concerned about your building, then you should opt for Buildings insurance. Should anything happen to the structure, you will be covered.

Meanwhile, you may be worried about the contents of your home. That includes such things as fridges, televisions, microwaves and washing machines. You may choose to have them covered under the Outsurance Home content insurance.

How to claim from Outsurance


In this article, we answered the question what does Outsurance Home Insurance cover. We noted that you have two options here. You can choose to get insurance that covers the structure of you home. Or you can choose to get insurance that covers the contents of your buildings. Best of all, you can choose to have coverage for both the contents of your building and for the building itself.

Here is the Outsurance claims contact number

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