Standard Bank Swift Code

What is the Standard Bank Swift Code? This is something South Africans usually look for when looking to receive money from abroad. Perhaps you have a transaction that needs to get through from a bank outside the country. In that case, the person sending you the money will need the Standard Bank BIC in order to be able to send money into your account. The Swift Code is sometimes referred to as the Business Identifier Code (BIC). So, what is the BIC for Standard Bank South Africa?

Standard Bank BIC

The Standard Bank Swift Code is SBZAZAJJ. That’s the number that is used when sending money to a Standard Bank South Africa account from a foreign bank.

What else is needed?

That’s the Swift Code BIC for Standard Bank South Africa. So, what else do you require when receiving money into your account from abroad? The following are some of the information that is required to make the transfer as smooth as is possible;

  • Your Standard Bank account number
  • Branch/SORT code: For Standard Bank, the code is 051001
  • Account type: Cheque or Savings account
  • SWIFT code: As provided above.

What’s a swift code or BIC?

The Swift Code or BIC is a code that is used to identify individual banks. There are probably tens of thousands of banks out there in different countries.

Each of these banks has a unique BIC that is used to identify it. No two banks have the same BICs or Swift Codes. That makes sending money to different banks easy.

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In this article, we showed you the Standard Bank swift code. Standard Bank allows banks to receive money from abroad. People can also send money abroad. In order to do that, you need the BIC which identifies individual banks across the world. We noted in this post that the Swift Code and BIC are largely one and the same thing.

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