Standard Bank Home Loans Telephone Number

What is the Standard Bank home loans telephone number? It’s something that you will be asking if you wish to get a loan from this bank. Standard Bank is the biggest bank in South Africa when it comes to market capitalization. They offer a wide range of products, including home loans. Home loans, or bonds, allow people to buy your dream property. The amount that you get depends on your salary.

Standard Bank home loans contact details

The Standard Bank home loans contact telephone number is 0860 123 001. If you wish to get an insurance quote, you can use the number 0860 123 999. Meanwhile, if you would like to enquire about loan protection, you can call 0860 123 999.

Other Standard Bank Home loans contact details

That’s the Standard Bank home loans customer care number. But what if you wish to reach out using other means? Perhaps you are not able to go through on the provided number. What do you do then?

The good thing is that there are other ways through which you can get the help that you are looking for. As an example, you can use the home loans email address

It’s also possible to contact Standard Bank on their general call centre number. Another option is to get in touch via social media. You can reach them on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. These are great places on which to get help. They respond pretty quickly to queries.


This article was dedicated to giving you the Standard Bank home loans telephone number. It was noted that the bank is one of the biggest in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products that make them popular. That includes home loans. If you have question about this, you can reach them on the provided number. We also gave alternative ways through which to reach Standard Bank home loans.

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