Maximum Withdrawal From FNB ATM

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from an FNB ATM? It’s a question that many South Africans who bank with FNB have been asking. The bank is one of the biggest in the country. At the moment, it has over 11.49 million customers. These customers are serviced by over 5000 ATMs that are dotted around the country. You are here because you wish to make a withdrawal and you are wondering how much you can get in one go.

Maximum Amount you Can Withdraw from FNB ATM

The maximum withdrawal amount from an FNB ATM in South Africa is R5000. The good news is that you can increase this amount on your phone or through online banking.

Can this amount be increased?

That is the maximum withdrawal amount from an FNB ATM in the country. But can this amount be changed? The good news is that yes, that can be done.

We have a previous article in which we showed you how to increase your limits on the FNB app. Doing this allows you to boost the amounts that you can withdraw.

Where can I find a nearby FNB ATM?

FNB is a big financial institution. We have already noted the bank has an extensive network that is composed of over 5000 automated teller machines.

It means that wherever you may be, there are high chances that you will have an FNB ATM somewhere nearby. That makes it easy for everyone, even people in remote parts of the country, to access their money.

With FNB eWallet, it’s also possible to withdraw money from a wide range of retail outlets, including Spar, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and Boxer Stores.

That makes it easy for everyone to get access to their money. You can simply send yourself money via eWallet and you can then withdraw it from any one of these outlets.


In this article, we gave you the maximum withdrawal amount from an FNB ATM in South Africa. It was noted that this amount can be boosted if that’s necessary. There are reasons why banks set limits on withdrawals and other transactions. Mainly, it’s done for security reasons. Limits reduce the potential loss in the event that you account is compromised.

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