Maximum Daily Withdrawal from a Standard Bank ATM

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from a Standard Bank ATM? It’s information that you will be interested in if you are one of the millions of people who use this bank in South Africa. Standard Bank is often cited as the biggest bank in South Africa. They have an extensive network spread through the country. So, how much can their customers withdraw from an ATM in a single day?

How much can I withdraw from a Standard Bank ATM?

The default maximum daily withdrawal amount from a Standard Bank ATM is R5000. However you can increase this amount to R10000 per day. The change can be done on the Standard Bank app.

Steps to increase your limit

That’s the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from a Standard Bank ATM per day. We noted above that the default is R5000.

A lot of people have been asking can you increase your daily withdrawal limit at standard bank atm? The answer is yes.

This is something that you can easily do from the Standard Bank app. Follow the steps given here to increase your daily limits.


In this article, we showed you the maximum daily withdrawal amount limit when getting money from a Standard Bank ATM. It was noted that the bank is one of the South Africa’s biggest.

In fact, it’s the biggest when it comes to market capitalization. It’s behind Capitec when it comes to customer numbers, but Standard Bank comes in a close second.

In this post, we explained that though there are limits, you can increase them on the app. The steps for doing so were outlined in another of our posts.

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