How to Increase Limit on Standard Bank App

Do you wish to find out how to increase your daily limit on the Standard Bank app? Like all the other banks in South Africa, Standard Bank imposes limits on amounts that can be spend on certain transactions within a single day. As an example, the bank will limit the amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM. This is done largely to manage the flow of money. If everyone was to be allowed to withdraw all their money at the same time, the bank would likely be overwhelmed. Also, daily limits are there to protect you. Should you lose your card and PIN, you can rest assured knowing that the thieves will not be able to steal more than the daily limit.

Increase your Standard Bank account limit

The following is how to increase your daily limit using the Standard Bank app;

  1. Sign into the Standard Bank app.
  2. On the home screen, click on Manage.
  3. Next, click on Cards.
  4. Open Card Settings.
  5. Choose the card whose limit you wish to increase.
  6. Scroll down and click on Card limits.
  7. Now you need to click on Daily Limit.
  8. Type in your new Limit.
  9. Click on Done.

Why increase your Standard Bank daily limit?

That’s how to increase you daily Standard Bank limit using the app. But why would you take this step? Most people arrive here because they tried to withdraw money or to carry out another transaction but that transaction failed because they have already exceeded their daily limits.

Note that there are also monthly limits on some transactions. You can also increase them in the above manner. The good news is that the process is very easy, and you won’t have to wait for the next day to proceed with your transaction.

The moment you increase your limit, you will be able to withdraw additional money from the ATM or too make your purchase. Another thing to note is that you can also change your EAP limit. That’s the amount of money that you are allowed to use in electronic payments.

In case you need further help

In this post, we showed you how to increase your daily limit on Standard Bank. It’s easy to do this using the Standard Bank app. But what if you encounter problems? We have encountered several people who have fallen into this pitfall.

Usually, people have problems because they are using old versions of the Standard Bank app. You need to make sure the one that you have on your phone is the latest.

Having said that, you also have the option of increasing your limit by visiting your nearest Standard Bank branch. Another possibility is for you to send an email to Standard Bank to get them to help you. When you do that, you need to send them your Standard Bank ID.

That includes your email address registered on the app, your national ID number and your contact details. Send the email to Under subject, write Increasing daily Withdrawal limit.

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    I would really appreciate if I can be approved on R90 000. 7777777777777 Ndhlovu

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