How to Withdraw Money From Woolworths Credit Card

Do you wish to learn how to withdraw money from your Woolworths credit card? This article will show you how to do it. We have previously given you the Woolworths credit card requirements. A lot of people in South Africa use Woolworths credit cards. Their advantage is that they allow people to earn  Woolies vouchers on every transaction. That makes buying from Woolworths cheaper, something that’s important if you do a lot of shopping at this particular store. But can you use a Woolworths credit card to withdraw cash?

Use Woolworths credit card to get cash from an ATM

The following is how to withdraw money from your Woolworths credit card;

  1. Visit your nearest VISA enabled ATM. Almost all ATMs in South African are VISA enabled.
  2. Insert the Woolworths credit card into the ATM and type in your PIN.
  3. Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and complete the transaction.

Service charges?

That’s how to withdraw money from a Woolworths credit card in South Africa. But what service charges can you expect when you do so? The table below gives some of the service charges for getting money from an ATM.

10Absa ATM cash withdrawalsR25
11Absa Branch cash withdrawalR25 plus R1.30 for each R100
12Saswitch ATM withdrawalR28
13Overseas At cash withdrawalR60
15International currency conversion fee2.5%

The above table shows the withdrawal fees for Absa and Saswitch. These fees will be different depending on the ATM that you are using to withdraw cash from your Woolworths credit card. But in general, the above should serve as a good guideline.


In this article, we showed you how to withdraw money from your Woolworths credit card. We noted that this is something that can be done from any Woolworths ATM in South Africa. Woolworths cards are VISA enabled, meaning you can get money from any ATM displaying the VISA logo. To get your money, you need to have your card and PIN.

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