How to Get Discovery Travel Insurance

Do you wish to get information on how to get Discovery travel insurance? Discovery is one of South Africa’s biggest insurers. They offer a wide range of products, including health, car, life and travel insurance. You are here because you have a trip that you wish to embark on to a regional or international destination. In that case, it’s important to always be covered. You don’t want to have a situation where you go to another country and you fail to get treatment when you get ill. It’s always important to have travel insurance. But how do you get it from Discovery?

What to do to get travel insurance from Discovery

The following is how to get Discovery travel insurance;

  • If you are a Discovery Health Medical Scheme member, you will automatically be covered when travelling abroad. This cover is for 90 days. The amount of cover that you get depends on your plan.
  • If you are a Classic, Essential, Coastal and Smart Plan member, you will get R5 million worth of cover. KeyCare plans do not have this cover.
  • Buy your ticket using the Discovery Bank Credit Card and you will automatically be covered.

Who do I contact if I need help?

That’s how to get Discovery travel insurance. Cover is provided to most Discovery Health Medical scheme members, provided they buy their tickets using their Discovery Bank cards.

In that case, there won’t be need for you to contact Discovery to arrange coverage, since everything will happen automatically. However, you may wish to get in touch for other help or to make a claim. In that case, you should use the following details;

  • 0860 878 233 or (for services)
  • 0860 878 233 or (for claims)
  • Emergency claims: 0860 878 233 or +27 11 292 8701 from abroad.


In this article, we showed you how to get Discovery travel insurance. It was noted that Discovery is one of the biggest insurers in the country. To get travel insurance, you need to be a member of their Health Medical Scheme. You also need to buy your ticket with their card. Once you have done so, you will automatically be covered.

Learn how to view your Discover PIN


  1. I received an airline ticket, from my son, to Scotland for 7 days in June 2024.
    I am a member of Discovery Med No: ddssssdd.

    Please advise regarding travel insurance for myself.
    Am I covered and do I get a letter from Discovery.

    Thank you

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