How to Check Balance on African Bank

Do you wish to learn how to check your balance on African Bank? We have been getting a number of queries regarding this. African Bank is one of the major banks in the country. We have previously written on how to check your African Bank loan balance. In this post, we will show you how you can view the balance in your African Bank account. It’s important information to have as part of managing your finances.

How to check balance on African Bank account

The following is how to check the balance on your African Bank account;

  • You can check your balance through the African Bank online banking portal. If you are not already registered, you can do so here. Log into your account to check your balance.
  • It’s also possible to view your African Bank balance through the bank’s app. Download it from the Android and iOS store.
  • African Bank customers can also check their balances using the bank’s USSD platform. Dial *120*225# and log in using your PIN. Next, choose option 2 to check your balance. From there, you will be asked to pick the account for which you wish to do a balance check. The amount remaining in your account will then be displayed on your phone. This option is only available if you have registered for Internet banking. After registering, you are able to activate Cellphone banking, which gives you access to the USSD code given above.
  • It’s also possible to view your balance at an ATM. Simply insert your card into the machine, enter your PIN and complete the remaining steps.

Which option is the best?

That’s how to check your account balance on African Bank. As you can see, there are several options for doing so.

But which option is the most convenient? Well, that’s going to depend on you and on your preferences. But in essence, the USSD option is probably the simplest method.

It allows you to access your account on your phone. You don’t need to have airtime in your phone or internet to check your balance this way.

You can do it from anywhere in South Africa, as long as you have cellphone reception. And it’s quick and easy to do. Again, this is a matter of preference, but using USSD is usually the best option.


This article was dedicated to showing you how you can view your bank balance on African Bank. It was noted that there are many ways through which you can do this. You can use the African Bank USSD. You can view your balance via internet banking or through the bank’s app. You can also check your balance while at an ATM.

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