How to Change the Phone Number on Your Standard Bank Account

Do you wish to learn how to change the phone number on your Standard Bank account? It’s something that you may want to do if you have moved to another number. Perhaps you have changed your network and you did not port your number. Or maybe you have another reason for making the change. Standard Bank is the largest bank in South Africa when it comes to market capitalization. They have millions of customers spread across the country. So, how do you change the contact details on your Standard Bank account?

How to change your contact details at Standard Bank

The following is how to change the phone number on your Standard Bank account;

  1. Go to your nearest Standard Bank branch to change your number. The process of changing your contact details can only be done at a branch. You cannot do it over the phone or via the app.
  2. You will need to fill out a form confirming your new details.
  3. You are required to take along your ID book or passport to verify your identity.

How long does the process take?

That’s how to change the phone number on your Standard Bank account. So, how long does the process take? How long do you need to wait for your new number to come into use?

According to Standard Bank, your new number will start being used after 2 hours. It means you will begin getting notifications, such as OTPs, from the bank on the new number and not on the old one.

However, the process may take longer according to what we have seen in people’s comments. In the event that the changes have not occurred after 2 hours, you are advised to Standard Bank on the email address;

Why change only inside a branch?

It was noted above that banking details can only be changed inside a branch. But why is that the case? The reason for this is to ensure that only owners of an account are able to change the contact details.

Otherwise thieves would steal a phone and then proceed to change the details. We noted that there is a form that needs to be filled as part of the process. Your phone number is intimately tied to your bank account and you need to make sure that when doing your change, you put in the correct one. That can only be done and confirmed inside a branch.

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In this article, we showed you how to change the phone number on your Standard Bank account in South Africa. We noted that in order to change your contact details, you actually need to visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.

It cannot be done anywhere else. As for the reasons for changing your details, there could be many of those. Maybe you have changed your number, or maybe you have moved to another network without porting. Whatever the case, the process is simple enough.

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