How Many Digits is Standard Bank Instant Money Voucher

How many digits is the Standard Bank Instant Money voucher? Standard Bank Instant Money is a money transfer service that’s very popular among South Africans. It allows people to send and receive money across the country even when they do not have bank accounts. With Instant Money, money is send to a recipient’s mobile number. If they have a wallet, then it is sent to their wallet. They can keep money in the wallet.

How long is the instant money voucher?

The instant Money voucher has 10 digits. The person receiving the money will need to present this voucher at the collection point. Without it, they will not be able to collect their money.

Where do collect?

That’s the answer to the question, how many digits is the Standard Bank Instant Money voucher. If you have received money via Instant Money, then you will have received the 10 digit voucher. But where can you collect your money?

It’s something that we have already covered in another article. There are many collection points where you can get your money. These include Standard Bank ATMs and retails stores such as Game and Boxer. Here is a full list of Standard Bank Instant Money collection points.

Where do I get the Standard Bank Instant Money Voucher

South Africa has been lagging behind other African countries when it comes to mobile money. Instant Money from Standard Bank goes a long way in remedying this situation.

The advantage of mobile money is that anyone can use it, as long as they have a mobile device. And in South Africa, 99.7% percent of the population has a mobile phone. It means almost anyone can use Instant Money.

When someone sends you money via Instant Money, you get the voucher on your mobile device. You then take this voucher to the collection point.


In this article, we answered the question how many digits is the Standard Bank Instant Money voucher. It was noted that this voucher is 10 digits long. We also noted that you need this voucher when you go out to collect your money at any one of the many collection points.

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