How to Change Capitec Card PIN

Are you looking for information on how to change your Capitec bank card PIN? Is it possible to do it using the Capitec app? We will try to answer that question in this article. Capitec has millions of customers in South Africa. It’s one of the largest banks in the country. Customers often find themselves having to change the PINs on their cards. Perhaps you suspect that your current PIN has been compromised. Or maybe you are doing it as a periodic safety measure.

How change card PIN on Capitec app

To change your Capitec Bank card PIN, you need to visit your nearest Capitec branch. That’s the information that we got after reaching out to the bank. Unfortunately, you cannot change your Capitec card PIN on the banks’ app. You can only do it by walking to your nearest branch.

What about the information that’s out there?

Unfortunately, when you look up how to change your Capitec bank card PIN, the information that comes up is that for changing the Remote Banking PIN. This PIN is for use in online banking and on the app. It’s different from the one that you use for your bank card. the remote banking PIN can be changed over the app, as you can see below.

How long should the PIN be?

That’s how to change the Capitec bank card PIN using the Capitec app. You cannot do it. But how long should this PIN be? Capitec mandates that the Remote PIN be at least 4 digits long.

The maximum is 6 digits. In fact, you should make your PIN as long as is possible (6 digits) to make it more secure. The longer your PIN is, the more difficult it is for people to hack it and guess what it is.

In terms of choosing a PIN, make sure that you don’t pick something obvious. 123456 may be easier to remember, but it’s also a very vulnerable PIN. Anyone can guess it and you don’t want to have that happen.

One other aspect of PIN security is that you should never hand over your PIN to someone. You should never give the PIN even to a Capitec employee.

We were just reading of someone on Facebook who says they gave out the PIN to someone while trying to sort out the app.

As a result, they lost R50000. Be careful that this does not happen to you. Don’t give your PIN to anyone, not even your parent. If you lose money, you will only have yourself to blame.


In this article, we showed you how to change your Capitec bank card PIN using the Capitec app. It was noted that you may need to change your PIN if there has been suspicious activity on your accounts.

We pointed out that you can only change the bank card PIN by visiting your nearest Capitec branch. Note that in this article, we were talking about the card PIN, not the remote PIN.

Make sure that you pick a secure PIN. Also make sure that you don’t share your new PIN with anyone.

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